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Can I build a garden shed on my property without permission?

I had a case recently where a client was served with an planning enforcement letter by the Local Authority for installing a bicycle storage shed in her front garden. The shed was located forward of the front of the front wall of her house and the ridge of the roof was 1.5m high. In this case she was required to dismantle her shed and apply for planning permission for the structure. Regulations relating to garden sheds, bicycle storage sheds and any other non habitable structures would all fall under Page 156 - 157, Class 3 Planning & Development Regulations (exempted development) 2001.

So can you build a garden or bicycle storage shed in your garden without planning permission?

Yes, provided that:

  • It is not forward of the front wall of the house;

  • Not greater than 25sqm (or no. of sheds aggregated);

  • 25sqm of garden space is left. N.B. extensions attached to house are not reckoned as private open space;

  • Shed finish is in keeping with the house;

  • Shed height: max 4m pitched roof; 3m flat roof;

  • It is not lived in or used for keeping of animals (pigs, ponies, horses, pigeons).

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